About Us

Starting a company from scratch isn’t as difficult as it sounds. It’s actually a lot harder. Before Pacific Dental Services® officially started in 1994, so much work and effort went into learning how dental practices operate – from payroll and taxes, to implementing new technology and dealing with insurance companies. So really, the story starts before PDS even opened as a company.

About Us

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be The Greatest Dental Company in America. We do whatever is in our power in supporting dentists and team members to provide the highest quality dental care to patients of our supported offices. Here are our vision statements:

Treat every challenge as an opportunity
Treating challenges as opportunities allows us to improve as a company. We become stronger and more efficient in our services, as well as help our supported clinicians achieve success.

Learn from each other
Every person performs better through teamwork, honest communication and shared values.

Focus on our talents and our strengths
If everyone works to their God-given potential, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

Achieve our God-given potential
A life of service is the highest calling. We live it every day as we help you promote excellent dentistry in the community and improve the quality of life for millions of people.

We Believe:

Pacific Dental Services® is founded on a core set of values that guides our daily lives, distinguishes the strength and character of our organization and directs all our critical decisions. In carrying out our day-to-day business, We Believe:

We Believe that patients pay our salaries.
Therefore: Everyone must do what it takes to please them. In order to succeed, we must continuously establish something special between us and our patients to create lasting relationships.

We Believe that only God knows what tomorrow holds.
Therefore: We are thankful for today’s business and understand that constant learning and adaptability are part of our job.

We Believe that job security lies in an individual’s employability.
Therefore: Employees get paid based on their personal value to the company.

We Believe that the way we do business is as critical as whether business is good or bad.
Therefore: Our decisions for moral and ethical conduct are based on principles given to us by God in the Bible. Honesty, integrity, and character are vital aspects of business.

We Believe that quality performance at every job, every day, every hour, is required.
Therefore: It is our privilege to perform beyond what is required.

We Believe that everyone has the will to succeed and can make proper decisions.
Therefore: We understand that as a business we will always have problems, and problems are just opportunities in disguise. We are not big on rules and regulations, but demand that each of us take care of problems as they arise in order to take full advantage of the opportunities they present.

We Believe that we have the obligation and the opportunity to present the best dentistry possible to each and every patient.
Therefore: We understand the value of good dentistry and educate our patients of the benefits to them.

We Believe in the power of teamwork.
Therefore: We fail or succeed together.

Through a long-term commitment to these eight beliefs, we will be known as a company that is successful because of its employees’ commitment to the long-term vision and beliefs of the organization.

Leadership Team

simon abrahms

Simon W. Abrahms
Regional Partner, Midwest Region

jeff butler

Jeff Butler
Regional Partner, North/Central Texas Region

bruce call

Bruce Call
Regional Partner, Oregon Region

dave gaspar

Dave Gaspar
Regional Partner, Washington Region

jamie harris

Jamie Harris
Regional Partner, Central Florida Region

michael hurley

Michael Hurley
Regional Partner, Gulf Coast Region

jack knudsen

Jack Knudsen
Regional Partner, Tennessee Region

kevin lawton

Kevin Lawton
Regional Partner, Desert Mountain Region

randee lehrer

Randee Lehrer
Regional Partner, South Florida Region

michele perpich

Michele Perpich
Regional Partner, Minnesota Region

joanna rodgers

Joanna Rodgers
Regional Partner, Southwest California Region

joe saporito

Joe Saporito
Regional Partner, Rocky Mountain Region

paula larson

Paula Larson
Regional Partner, Pacific South Coast Region

koert takkunen

Koert Takkunen
Regional Partner, Northern California Region

chris zacharewicz

Chris Zacharewicz
Regional Partner, Georgia Region