Dental Practice Support Jobs


A lot goes into working at the greatest dental company in America. From patient care to culture, working at PDS means pursuing excellence in everything you do. We also find that great companies provide a great work environment, as well as give back to the community. Here’s how we maintain that greatness going forward.ts.


As much as we care about the patients of our affiliated offices, we also care about our employees. We invest in your growth and professional development through best-in-class training and education systems, so team members can maximize their God-given potential. We also recognize and reward people who go beyond what’s expected. Because everyone’s role is clear and we work together to achieve our goals, we can provide some of the highest wages in the dental industry.


It all starts with the patients, because without them, we wouldn’t be here. Patients choose our affiliated practices because we listen to their needs and individualize their care. They also refer us to other people and choose to stay at PDS affiliated offices because we make their visits efficient, fast and easy. That’s why Practice Support is so important to our success: you make sure patients of affiliated offices have a perfect experience, from confirming appointments to explaining treatment plans. We want only the best and brightest people to help run our affiliated practices. Is that you? Take a look at our featured opportunities and submit your resume today.

Culture & Diversity

Every day you walk into the office, you can expect to work with people from different backgrounds and experience, but who share common interests. Our diversity provides us with different perspectives to new challenges, while our commitment to service brings us all together. Our dedication to service—to each other and to the community—is the secret to our success.

Dental Practice Support Jobs: