Pacific Dental Services®: A Diverse Workplace

Mission accomplished… As champions of global wellness, we at Pacific Dental Services recruit the same way we conduct our community outreach program – without boundaries.

It’s a perfect formula, actually. Since we opened in 1994, Pacific Dental Services has embraced a set of core values (officially our We Believe statements), which includes respecting, appreciating and fostering the strength and power of individuality. Every job posting we write, and every job we fill promotes and relies on this ideal. Even our innovative business model, PRIVATE
PRACTICE +®, is testament to the way we do things, which is allowing our people to do what they know best: dentistry. Now, we employ thousands of people in 14 states. Our 400 supported dental offices span every demographic and geographic location imaginable. Naturally, the end product equals an environment of acceptance and collaboration between associates with diverse perspectives. Inclusion serves as a vital part of the PDS mission – “helping dentists achieve maximum success in their practices.”

Harmony in the workplace encourages employees to make an impact on lives outside the office. Our humanitarian efforts through The Smile Generation® brand have touched many cultures in numerous countries:

  • We offered assistance during the wildfires in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico
  • We helped build playgrounds/offered free dentistry to children in impoverished urban cities
  • We traveled to Ethiopia, Mexico and Fiji to provide dental services
  • We raised substantial funds for Hurricane Katrina victims
  • We helped give Watts Powerhouse Church a facelift

Pacific Dental Services is committed to diversity abroad and at home. Not only do we advertise jobs in a variety of places (such as diversity hiring sites) in an effort to attract all ethnic groups, genders, ages, and cultures; we also implement work/life navigation strategies (such as offering options for people like new mothers who are in need of non-traditional schedules).

Pacific Dental Services aspires to nurture the unique differences in each and every associate who signs on as part of our team. After all, it’s our talent that helps us remain a corporate and community leader.

The respect and rewards gained from diversity may begin in the workplace…

But they inspire us globally for the rest of our lives.