Dental Industry Employment Trends

Dental Industry Employment Trends

by Pacific Dental Services in News 07/07/2017

The Dentistry iQ Network conducted a survey with participation from a little over 1,000 respondents including dentists, dental consultants, office managers, and so on. The goal of the survey was to get some insight into the future of employment trends in the dental industry in the US.

One of the most pertinent questions raised in the survey was “Who is actually hiring professionals in the dental offices?” Nearly 45% of the respondents informed that it was the office manager’s responsibility to hire new candidates at a dental practice. Also, only about 38% of the dentists actually hire on their own and dental consultants might be performing the job in 5% of the cases.

Another question covered by the survey was related to the job seekers and where they looked for open positions to get hired. Of the total respondents, 72% revealed they make use of the Internet when looking for available jobs in the industry. Also, even though the Internet-supported job hunt is quite popular among job seekers, they also utilize industry events and their present relationships to a large extent when hunting for new jobs in the dentistry industry.

The survey also delved into the area of multiple employments, that is, the percentage of dental employees who choose to work in more than just one dental office. It does not come as a surprise that the percentage of such employees was quite high, given the current industry trends.

Out of the total respondents, about 41% said they were employed by two or more than two dental practices. What is the reason for working at multiple offices? Around 25% of the dental professionals said they wished to work a couple extra shifts each week.

Research analysts and industry experts inform this is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the industry. Dental employees end up seeking extra shifts due to the lack of opportunities for full-time employment, fewer working hours or because some dentists prefer to handle the hygiene part of the treatment themselves and not depend on dental hygienists.

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