Master Common Interview Questions - Preparing for Your Career After Dental School: Part 2

Master Common Interview Questions – Preparing for Your Career After Dental School: Part 2

by Pacific Dental Services 06/22/2017

Interviewing can be one of the most stressful aspects of the job search. The key to feeling more confident and achieving success is intentional preparation, and new graduates often struggle with how to plan their approach to the interview.

In the second article of this three-part series, “Master the Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions,” we’re focusing on how you can stand out among the rest when preparing for some of the toughest interview questions.

The article was written by Rebecca Soric, university and clinician communications manager at Pacific Dental Services®. Rebecca spent the past 15 years developing content for clinicians and industry professionals and lectures on the topic of career preparation to dental students across the country.

To download Part 2 of the series, click the link below.

Master the Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Be sure to look for Part 3 in the series next week.

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Get Ready for Your Career Today - Preparing for Your Career After Dental School: Part 1

Get Ready for Your Career Today – Preparing for Your Career After Dental School: Part 1

by Pacific Dental Services 06/14/2017

Dental students, over the next three weeks, we will be exploring some ways to prepare for your career after dental school. Although this is an exciting time, you want to ensure you are prepared to launch your career.

To help guide you through the preparation process, we’re featuring a three-part series to focus on the intentional steps needed to plan for your career.

The first article of this series, “The Top 5 Things You Can Do TODAY,” summarizes the top five steps you can take during dental school to prepare for your job search and stand out from others.

The article was written by Rebecca Sorci, university and clinician communications manager at Pacific Dental Services®. Rebecca spent the past 15 years developing content for clinicians and industry professionals and lectures on the topic of career preparation to dental students across the country.

To download Part 1 of the series, click the link below.

The Top 5 Things You Can Do TODAY

Be sure to look for Part 2 in the series next week.

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Dentistry is Ranked Top as a Profession

Dentistry is Ranked Top as a Profession

by Pacific Dental Services 06/09/2017

In a compilation of the 100 best jobs for 2017, careers in the dental sector topped the list. In a U.S. News and World Report, jobs in dentistry were ranked high for the third year running. The dental profession consists of specialist categories and these are all included in the latest list of most desirable occupations.

Overall oral care provided by a dentist has proved to be the most popular job, hence its position in the #1 spot for 100 best jobs for 2017. The other dental professions on the list are placed as follows:

  • #5 Orthodontist
  • #9 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • #21 Prosthodontist
  • #32 Dental Hygienist
  • #100 Dental Assistant

It is anticipated that up to the year 2024, new jobs in the dental industry will reach 26,700. This is according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. When it comes to selecting a future occupation, a career in dentistry has become an attractive option for many job seekers. The need for new dentists is an ongoing process as the gaps left by those retiring have to be filled. Also, taking into consideration the growth of the population and any changes made to the health law, the call for more dentists is on the rise. According to the American Dental Association, with widely differing ratios of dentists in practice to population, it is estimated that they range from approximately 42 to 108 dentists per 100,000 people.

There are many reasons why candidates have ambitions to make dentistry their career. Apart from the normal preventative care and repair procedures, patients often seek care from a dentist due to dental pain. Being able to diagnose, treat and provide prompt relief to patients, dentists can derive a certain amount of job satisfaction knowing that the oral health of their patients has been restored.

Independence is a major advantage for dentists. They can establish their own practices soon after completing their studies, giving them the opportunity and freedom to develop career plans and set their own goals for the future. Also, salaries are above average for those specializing in dentistry. In the ADA Health Policy Institute 2015 ‘Survey of Dental Practitioners’, in 2014, general practitioners who wholly or partly owned their practice earned an average net income of $183,340 while dental specialists earned an average of $344,740. Incomes across the country differ as they are determined by the sort of practice that is operated.

Another positive move towards the selection of a dental career is the number of options that are available under the dental umbrella. Although most dental graduates, (80%), go on to work in a private practice doing general dentistry, there are also research, academic, group practice, and clinical choices provided by the profession that can enhance the careers of both new graduates and established dentists. Also, the availability of different work options can give a practitioner the freedom, where possible, to set the number of hours or days they wish to work and to channel their expertise in an environment that suits them best. This flexibility allows for a good work-life balance.

The role of a dentist is not only confined to the practice. They can also play a major part in the dental education of others and participate in research. As a faculty member, their contribution can determine the curriculum of a dental education institution and as a researcher, with the most advanced technology and techniques at their disposal, they can play their part in efforts to solve countless dental problems and to use the results of their research in the advancement of oral health care.

Dentists are held in high regard by the communities they work with, mainly because of the positive impact they have on enhancing their lives. This is especially relevant when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Teeth that are crooked,   missing or discolored can have a devastating effect on an individual’s self-esteem and make them feel self-conscious about their overall appearance. Dentists that have specific aesthetic skills have the talent to restore a set of teeth to their former glory, the results in many cases being even better than before, enabling a patient to smile with confidence again.

Although the dentist is regarded as the main practitioner, he or she is part of a team. This can consist of dental hygienists, assistants, and office managers – to name a few – who all work together with the dentist to provide a complete package of oral care and office experience to the patient. Teamwork is essential when it comes to achieving a successful outcome. With a flexible work schedule and earning power that exceeds the national norm, a dentist is also in the privileged position of being able to provide oral health care that can benefit communities or people who, because of access difficulties and financial constraints, are prevented from seeking essential treatment.

To find dentist opportunities and other dentistry related positions with offices supported by Pacific Dental Services®, visit

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Dental Business Boot Camp

by Pacific Dental Services 12/01/2016

The PDS Institute® hosts a private continuing education (CE) event for dental students at the PDS® National Support Center in Irvine, CA. Dental students and faculty from across the country attend this full-day practice management program highlighting the key business fundamentals in dentistry.

On Saturday, July 30, 2016, the PDS Institute welcomed approximately 30 American Student Dental Association (ASDA) leaders and six faculty members from numerous dental schools across the country for the first-ever Dental Business Boot Camp event.  Attendees who traveled to Irvine, California for the event represented local dental schools in California and schools in other states including Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Nebraska, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, New York and more.

The Dental Business Boot Camp program featured a full-day course called Leaders in Learning: The Business of Dentistry with eleven learning sessions designed to enhance the confidence and competence of dentists in the fundamentals of practice leaders. PDS Institute faculty, executives, and subject matter experts from PDS presented on key business topics, including marketing, communication, contract negotiation, team leadership, practice management and more. Speakers included Dr. Brad Guyton, Dr. Sonny Chokka, Jan LeBeau, Joe Feldsien, Matt Hall, Kim Brozovich, Cara Cavanaugh, Jeff Longfield, Amy Spaulding and Joe Kolligian.

Presenters made each learning session fun and engaging with team-based activities and breakout exercises.  Attendees completed a take-home workbook throughout the program to summarize key takeaways from each session, including real-life tips and tricks.  The participants earned eight CE credits for their attendance and ended the day with a relaxing dinner by the beach.

The event was a great success with 100% of attendees rating the program as excellent and exceeded their expectations in their feedback survey. Also, 100% of participants responded that they would recommend this program to their dental school.

With the success of this alpha program, PDS is working to scale this program by partnering with dental schools to have this coursed delivered by PDS-supported clinicians and PDS subject matter experts. Several schools, including Nova Southeastern University, Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, and Midwestern University (Arizona location), have already scheduled this full-day course to be presented at their school this fall.

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What Really Works in Dental Marketing?

by Pacific Dental Services 12/08/2015

Vice President of Marketing for PDS®, Matt Hall, and Vice President of Dentist Development and Dean of the PDS Institute®, Dr. Brad Guyton, co-authored the article, “What Works in Dental Marketing,” which was published in the December issue of Inside Dentistry.

In this paper, the authors outline ten easy-to-implement marketing best practices that will help dental practices both retain continuing care patients and attract new patients in 2016.

From social media to patient retention, Dr. Brad Guyton, and Matt Hall share their expertise for any practice owners looking to maximize their marketing ROI.  Two decades ago, dentists didn’t need to worry much about marketing. However, patients now not only expect dentists to market their services but also expect exceptional experiences.  The authors outlined the top easy-to-implement marketing options that work for dental practices in both retaining current patients and attracting new ones.

To find out what the ten best practices are in 2016 for dental marketing, click here >>

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