What Really Works in Dental Marketing?

by Pacific Dental Services in News 12/08/2015

Vice President of Marketing for PDS®, Matt Hall, and Vice President of Dentist Development and Dean of the PDS Institute®, Dr. Brad Guyton, co-authored the article, “What Works in Dental Marketing,” which was published in the December issue of Inside Dentistry.

In this paper, the authors outline ten easy-to-implement marketing best practices that will help dental practices both retain continuing care patients and attract new patients in 2016.

From social media to patient retention, Dr. Brad Guyton, and Matt Hall share their expertise for any practice owners looking to maximize their marketing ROI.  Two decades ago, dentists didn’t need to worry much about marketing. However, patients now not only expect dentists to market their services but also expect exceptional experiences.  The authors outlined the top easy-to-implement marketing options that work for dental practices in both retaining current patients and attracting new ones.

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