Jhalisson Castro

“I was highly impressed by the professionalism shown during my interview process. It was less an interview and more of a conversation with the recruiter. I felt comfortable sharing my previous management experience and all of my qualifications for the Operations Manager position. I was informed about Pacific Dental Services®’ History, Mission and Values with pride and enthusiasm.”

Jhalisson Castro - Operations Manager
Michael Baton

“My interview process was very thorough, professional, and friendly. I felt like through each interview the focus was truly about me and my experience. Nothing was ever rushed; I was never once made to feel like my time wasn’t important. I had a thorough understanding through the interview process that Pacific Dental Services® is a company that is focused on people – both from the patient experience to the team member experience. I was truly impressed by that, as well as the technology used to make the hiring process easy. Everything was completed in a digital format that allowed me to not have to deal with pages of paperwork. It made for a smooth transition. I couldn’t be happier with my interview and hiring process at PDS®. It truly is the greatest dental company in the country!”

Michael Baton - Regional Manager
Ben Ovando

“PDS® is not only committed to being the best in the dental industry, but it is also committed to providing a caring and wholehearted service to others. Working with PDS has allowed me to meet people who are passionate about their jobs and who care about the impact they have on patients, supported clinicians and dental office team members.”

Ben Ovando - Project Manager
JoAnn Cunningham

“Being a part of PDS® has not only enhanced my passion for the field of dentistry, but it has also allowed me to use my 30+ years of dental experience to show opportunity to other dental assistants through development and mentorship. PDS provides team members with the tools and resources to develop their skills and knowledge and take their careers along paths they may not have dreamed of.”