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Embark on a dental career some can only dream about. We’ll help by making sure you’re equipped with advanced, proven technology, complementary continuing education, and the ongoing training and support to truly help patients improve their oral and overall health.

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Dentists help create healthier, happier smiles while improving overall health and contributing to practice growth.

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Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists play a critical role in oral systemic health and preventing periodontal disease while addressing overall wellness.

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Dental Assistant

Dental assistants support clinicians and deliver outstanding patient care by taking digital x-rays, preparing instruments and more.

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Pediatric Dentist

Kids’ smiles call for special care and pediatric dentists help deliver that in a safe, fun environment where kids can feel comfortable.

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Orthodontists help patients achieve straighter, healthier smiles using the latest advanced, proven technology while contracting with PDS-supported practices.

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Endodontists work with PDS-supported practices to extend their services and offer more comprehensive patient care under one roof.

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Periodontists work as independent contractors in PDS-supported practices to extend the level of comprehensive care by covering a range of periodontal treatments.

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Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeons work in contract with multiple PDS-supported practices to offer a higher level of comprehensive care to general practice dentists.


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